Precision Soda Blasting


Precision Soda Blasting services all of Northeast Nevada with specialized mobile soda blasting technology, the best media blasting choice. 

   Soda blasting is superior to other conventional methods of paint removal, because, unlike sand blasting it will not pit, warp, or harm metals, glass, or chrome in any way. 

   It can strip paint up to 75% faster than sanding alone and will leave the surface of your product clean and looking factory fresh, ready to paint! 

     Soda blasting is perfect for paint removal but has an impressive list of many other uses which include graffiti removal, degreasing, neutralizes surface rust, tile/rock, soot, cooling coils, food industry equipment, buildings, bottom of boats, aviation industry and much more.

    Because we are a mobile service all you have to do is call and we will come to you - it's that easy!  The mobile unit can go almost anywhere and because the soda media is environmentally safe you wont have to worry about disposal or run-off, it is 100% water soluble.


Why Soda Blast?